Mambukarera - May 23, 2009

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Mambukarera - May 23, 2009 Empty Mambukarera - May 23, 2009

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WHAT: Mambukarera
WHEN: May 23, 2009 Saturday
WHERE: Mamburao, Mindoro Occidental
HOW: 50 kms mostly flat. 70% off road 30% road
25 kms per loop...2 loops

Trophies, medals and cash prizes
1st place P20,000
2nd place P10,000
3rd place 5,000

Age Categories
18-29 y.o.
40 above
Big Boys 200lbs above
1st place P7,000
2nd place P4,000
3rd place 2,000

How to get there...
from Batangas Port take RORO to Abra de Ilog

Option 1: take your car to Mamburao.
cost of RORO P2,350 (one way) includes driver.
additional P240. per passenger

Option 2: Park your vehicle in Batangas port.
Parking fee is P160. per day. P6. per succeeding hour
Cost of RORO P270. per passenger to Abra de Ilog (includes terminal fee)
Free transfer from Abra de ilog to Mamburao and back care of
Mayor Bambi Villarosa

Mambukarera - May 23, 2009 Pbucket
Mambukarera - May 23, 2009 Pbucket

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