Slowing your eating pace

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Slowing your eating pace Empty Slowing your eating pace

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 13, 2007 12:53 pm

Could you quality for the Olympic speed eating trials? Many people, both heavy and thin, east so fast that their taste buds see only a blur as the food speeds by. This minimizes the enjoyment of food. More importantly, eating rapidly can fool your body's defents against eating too much.

Your body has an internal satiety (fullness) mechanism. When you have eaten enough, the mechamism sens out signals saying "enough is enough!" We think this takes about 20 mins, althouh tis is a very complex process . . . If you eat rapidly, you will consume too much food before the mechanism kicks in. You will outpace your body's internal controls.

Slowing down eating can like halting a runaway train. You have had many meals in your life, so the habit of eating fast can be practiced thousands of times. Be patient and practice the following techniques . . .

Put your fork down between bites

Pause during the meal

taken from Red Treatment

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