WhAt CycLinG DiD to My HuSbaND...

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WhAt CycLinG DiD to My HuSbaND...

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 04, 2007 11:50 pm

WhAt CycLinG DiD to My HuSbaND...
Posted by: "mary ann" maryann_viray@yahoo.com of PCN
Wed Oct 24, 2007 7:05 am (PST)

    1. His everyday conversation would always include bike jargons.

    2. His bikes are kept safe inside our house- preferably in the living
    room or the bedroom.

    3. He find it amazingly easy to justify the purchase of a third bike
    - this one just for special rides.

    4. He's got me to automatically assume that he'll be on a group ride
    or race every weekend.

    5. He meticulously care for his bike, while his car quietly rusts

    6. He view Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries as times to
    exchange gifts of bicycling components and accessories.

    7. He hangs around bike shops without really needing anything.

    8. He easily rationalize replacing perfectly good components, just
    because something slightly better or trendier just came out.

    9. He never throw away the replaced parts - even worn out tires and

    10. His eating habits have changed. Carbo-loading suddenly creeps into
    his diet.

    11. He doesn't plan any family events ahead until checking the
    calendar of race events and group rides in his group's blog.

    12. He divide his friendships into two groups - those that bike and
    those that don't bike.

    13. He talks about , Armstrong , Lemond , Ulrich as if they were his
    close personal friends.

    14. He find himself carrying on a spirited conversation with

    15. He talks as if he really understand gear ratios.

    16. He'll ride all day under the scorching heat of the sun, and then
    complain at home why it's so hot.

    17. Our family photo album is becoming filled with bike photos . On
    the other hand, he has not taken any candid photos of my kids and I in
    months now.

    18. He regard the severity of a sickness or injury by the length of
    time it takes until he can resume biking.

    19. He's beginning to actually enjoy drinking warm water out of a
    water bottle and pigging out on bananas.

    20. He consider not being able to ride on his favorite ride as "the
    ultimate tragedy."

    21. He hangs on to his favorite biking outfits, like a child's
    teddy-bear, even though they are tattered and torn.

    22. He's got another reason for boys night outs and keep the SMB
    lites' flowing!!!



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Re: WhAt CycLinG DiD to My HuSbaND...

Post by Harry on Mon Nov 12, 2007 12:21 pm

That's exactly what my wife tells me!Sad Is it really that bad?Evil or Very Mad Anyway, we talked about it na, so its give and take thing, 1st Im still trying to convince her to bike with me, so Im assembling another bike for her, hehe but ofcourse Ill use it too, hehe. Twisted Evil Well I only bike on sundays and normally half day as long as I stick to the deal, Im good:) I sometimes bike to work on saturdays so thats good too, if ever I will join whole day trails, then I have to tell her and in advance, but not weekly, hehe (ABUSO na yon). adjust adjust lang. Hey thanks for bringing this up, I thought its my wife whos the only one thinking of me that way, at least now I know other wives think the same way about their husband. hehe:face: , come to think of it, its better to bike than to do other stuff, like gambling, drinking, smoke, clubing etc... (no offense to others who do those stuff ok, peace;) ) Anyway, I quit smoking already and chose to bike instead, she appreciates that!

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